Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision 💭

Our vision: 
Create an education that is accessible, engaging and empowering with the use of Technology

This vision drove us to develop and pilot multiple ideas which yielded varying results. Initially, we thought about different ways that we can provide a service/product ourselves — e.g. creating tools such as apps, etc. But soon, we realised that we can only do so much on our own and wondered… Is there any way that we can act as the enabler to empower the community to contribute to this vision?

We held onto this “new” paradigm and began exploring into a different direction. After speaking and hearing from people from different walks of life, we gathered that:

  • there is a lot of wisdom and knowledge within the community
  • people tend to undervalue their work (and hence are shy to share)
  • there is NO avenue for these content to reach a wider audience.

Our Mission 🎯

With these input, we decided to commit to this idea of creating a platform to empower and enable the sharing of knowledge. After months of hard work (designing, coding and testing amidst our day jobs), we finally launched LEARND.online! With that said, we would love to share our mission for LEARND.online:

Our mission:
Become the one-stop marketplace that empower the community to contribute and access knowledge in a sustainable way.

We hope that with LEARND.online, we now have a platform for ideas, tips, notes and other forms of learning resources to be shared. It could be the study notes that you have painstaking compiled while preparing for a major examination. Or, you may be a passionate content creator who loves designing clear and beautiful mindmaps. Perhaps, you are a coding expert who had always dreamt of writing your own curriculum to promote learning of programming for kids! Regardless, all of these products CAN and WILL benefit more people — after all, we believe that among the millions of human being who walk the Earth, there bound to more than one other person who would face your struggles and be thankful for your solutions.

On Sustainability 🌱

As you already knew, sustainability is and will continue to be a big concern of our present and future state of living. We hope to do our small part by encourage the use of digital resources so that we reduce the amount of resources spent on production, transportation and consumption (think about the amount of resources spent in printing and shipping assessment books, which many ends up partially completed and junked).

We deem that it is timely for us to promote the use of digital products. As learning goes digital, most learners have digital devices that allows them access to these resources. Considering the scalability of digital products, we believe that consumers will benefit from the instant access via download (instead of making a trip to the bookstore only to realise that there is no stock) and cost savings due to lower production cost.

However, we are also aware of the challenges involved in digital products. One of the key aspect would be the issue of ownership. Unlike physical goods, the ease of access of digital products also make it difficult to limit sharing, exercise copyright and prevent exploits. Nonetheless, we decide to “not let our fear hold us back from pursuing our hope” (quote by John F. Kennedy) and good faith that most of our users will be using and benefiting from our platform for good. We will do all we can to ensure that our platform remain safe and fair for our creators and customers.

We are humbled and glad to have you with us on this journey and we are ALWAYS looking to improve. Drop us a message at [email protected] if you have any comment/suggestion or just to say hi!

Welcome onboard as we journey towards a future where Education is more accessible, engaging and empowering!
Image credit: Unsplash