[afterskool] ‘O’ Level Chemistry 101: Chemical Bonding Summary Guide


Here, we have a witty guide for Chemical Bonding; Metallic, Covalent and Ionic Bonding. Know your structures and follow the model answers given for a 100% score on your chemical bonding questions.

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Always remember to state the FOUR important points in your answers:

1. the type of structure, i.e. giant ionic lattice structure
2. its corresponding type of attractions, i.e. strong electrostatic attractions between its oppositely charged ions.
3. the amount of energy required to overcome the attractions, i.e. a large amount of energy is required to overcome…
4. conclusion, i.e. high melting point

This summary is included in our Y3 and Y4 Chemistry summary booklets given to all Y3 and Y4 Chemistry students at AfterSkool.  Need more help in understanding Chemical Bonding? Join Afterskool’s Chemistry tuition classes for tips and tricks to master the subject.

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